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Lisat was founded principally because of the enormous constraints and lack of quality that existed within the Thermal management industry for decades. With only a handful of companies in the market, we noticed that Thermal Material was always the piece of the puzzle that basically ‘slowed everything down’, in more ways than one. Hence the advent of the company.

Our aim at Lisat from Day 1 has always been to give you the quality that you need to compete. We’ve always noticed the constraints in the industry and worked hard to create change. One of the ways we’ve done this was through the breakthrough creation of very high thermally conductive Thermal Interface Pads. The other was through our specialization in Graphite Thermal Materials.

While always holding the underdog attitude required for innovation, we believe ourselves to be one of the best when it comes to Graphite. From Graphite Bond Pad all the way to Graphite Bond Aluminium, we’ve created it all in order to provide you with the intricate solutions that you need, whatever the constraint is.

From the game-changing solutions we created in Thermal Management, we’ve also branched out to EMI Shielding Solutions. Our customers have found this extremely useful, especially so when the solution requirements have become intervowen. Hence our expertise in EMI materials as well.

Our aim at LISAT is to provide you with the customized solution that you need, every single time, without the limitations of what currently exists in industry.

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