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In House Die Cutting Capabilities

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In House Die Cutting Capabilities

July 22, 2021

Here at LISAT, we have developed our own in house die-cutting capabilities for our materials. Our investments in state of the art technology and equipment have allowed this, and also for us to create die cutting processes that increase yield and reduce cost. This is of course a significant advantage in and of itself. However, there is a greater motive for us to carry out the cutting of materials by ourselves.

One of the major issues we have come to realize is that the changing of hands of goods and materials from one company to the next inevitably causes quality issues, be it small or large. What usually happens is that the design engineers of a client’s company would select a certain Thermal interface material and design it into their product. But what most companies that manufacture Thermal interface materials do is to outsource the die cutting process.

From our vast experience in the industry, this usually causes a degradation of the quality of the material – sometimes minor but sometimes significant. The material then gets passed on to either the contract manufacturer or manufacturing plant of the client where the lowered quality is not picked up by the manufacturing engineers, since they were not involved in the design process.

We suspect this to be one of the issues that have caused some high profiles cases of electronics overheating, and even catching fire. Or at a more relevant level, the faster degrading of the products that design engineers have put in so much effort to create.

This is why here at LISAT, we ensure that all die-cutting occurs in-house, thereby ensuring the uncompromising quality of our materials. Our aim at LISAT is to maximise the performance of your products – every single time.