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International Microwave Symposium 2022

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International Microwave Symposium 2022

May 23, 2022
Show : International Microwave Symposium 2022
Date : 21 – 23 June 2022
: Colorado Convention Centre, Denver, Colorado
Booth : 8188 – Lisat


The use of microwaves and radio-frequencies in our daily lives, whether in wireless communications or geolocation technology, comes with a myriad of challenges and limitations. Two of the major ones in the deployment of such systems include Thermal Management and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

For short range devices, such as Bluetooth, WiFi, or RF and microwave plasma devices, EMI is one of the notorious culprits for devices exhibiting unintended, unpredictable or undesirable behaviours. To prevent such malfunctioning behaviours, EMI shielding and management is critical in ensuring the reliable performance of such devices.

Thermal management solutions are also critical in these applications. Microwave and RF devices are typically used with high power outputs in order to achieve long range coverage for wireless communications or triangulation. Such high powered devices generate copious amounts of heat, which, if not managed sufficiently, will ultimately result in malfunctions.

Thermal management solutions are therefore used to ensure sufficient coupling between these heat sources and their heat sinks (or cold plates, for liquid cooling). They can also be used for heat spreading to avoid the formation of extreme hot spots – which can result in catastrophic damage to the electronics.

Here at Lisat, we create custom materials and solutions for managing both of these major challenges in the Microwave industry. Whether your business is in manufacturing consumer electronics, nation-wide infrastructure, or even military equipment, do drop by our booth and talk to one of our experts regarding your concerns. We hope to see you there!