Thermal Interface Materials

Graphite Bond Aluminium

Our Graphite Bond Aluminium (LST-GBA) series is perfect for highly compact designs whereby the gap available is small (0.1-1mm), and an intricate thermal material design is required. With a high thermal conductivity of 500 W/mk, this member of our Graphite Thermal Material family of products is made using high crystallized graphite material bonded with aluminium. This allows for bendability and more intricate design requirements as the bonded aluminium gives the graphite material a very sturdy yet flexible quality.

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** Click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

** Please


and click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

Part NumberDescriptionThickness (mm)Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)
LST-GBA-130-ALGraphite Bond Aluminum0.13015500
LST-GBA-300-ALGraphite Bond Aluminum0.30015500
LST-GBA-400-AL Graphite Bond Aluminum0.40015500
LST-GBA-500-AL Graphite Bond Aluminum0.50015500
LST-GBA-600-AL Graphite Bond Aluminum0.60015500
LST-GBA-700-AL Graphite Bond Aluminum0.70015500
LST-GBA-900-AL Graphite Bond Aluminum0.90015500
LST-GBA-1000-AL Graphite Bond Aluminum1.00015500
Note: The data and information provided are used for representative purposes only