Thermal Interface Materials

Graphite Bond Pad

Our Graphite Bond Pad (LST-GBP) series, with a thickness of up to 3mm, is perfectly suited for your larger gap requirements. This member of our Graphite Thermal Material family of products is made using high crystallized graphite material bonded in a special process with thermal interface pad. The result is a superior ‘heat spreading’ thermal interface material with high thermal conductivity, thickness, as well as excellent flexibility and gap filling ability.

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** Click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

** Please


and click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

Part NumberDescriptionThickness (mm)Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)
LST-GBP-025X3Graphite Bond Pad0.75 - 3.0151500
LST-GBP-02506Graphite Bond Pad0.50 - 3.0151500
LST-GBP-02503Graphite Bond Pad0.50 - 3.0151500
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