Thermal Interface Materials

Graphite Nano Material

Our Graphite Nano material (LST-GNM) series is ideal for highly compact designs where the gap available is small. With a thickness of 0.13-1mm, our GNM series is made from carbon fiber and carbon nano-powder synthesized by a special process to create a complex structure of nano-composite materials. With a high thermal conductivity of 500w/mk, the GNM series presents for a highly effective heat spreader for thicker gap requirements.

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** Click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

** Please


and click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

Part NumberDescriptionThickness (mm)Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)
LST-GNM-130 Graphite Nano Material0.13015500
LST-GNM-200 Graphite Nano Material0.20015500
LST-GNM-300 Graphite Nano Material0.30015500
LST-GNM-400 Graphite Nano Material0.40015500
LST-GNM-500 Graphite Nano Material0.50015500
LST-GNM-600 Graphite Nano Material0.60015500
LST-GNM-700 Graphite Nano Material0.70015500
LST-GNM-900 Graphite Nano Material0.90015500
LST-GNM-1000 Graphite Nano Material1.00015500
Note: The data and information provided are used for representative purposes only