Thermal Interface Materials

Graphite Thermal Material

Our Graphite Thermal Material (LST-GTM) series is perfect for highly compact designs whereby the gap available is extremely small. With a thickness of 0.01 – 0.1mm, this high crystallized graphite material provides an extremely high thermal conductivity of 700 – 1,750 W/mk in the x-y axis, thus providing an instantaneous heat spreading effect. On the z- axis, the thermal conductivity ranges from 10 – 26 W/mk, thereby ensuring that heat is transferred through the material and to the heat sink rapidly as well.

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** Click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

** Please


and click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

Part NumberDescriptionThickness (mm)Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)
LST GTM 010Graphite Thermal Material0.010101750
LST GTM 017Graphite Thermal Material0.017111750
LST GTM 025Graphite Thermal Material0.025181500
LST GTM 040Graphite Thermal Material0.040201350
LST GTM 050Graphite Thermal Material0.050201300
LST GTM 070Graphite Thermal Material0.070201000
LST GTM 100Graphite Thermal Material0.10026700
Note: The thickness of our Graphite Thermal Material can be custom made to your particular requirement.