Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Insulator

Our Thermal Insulator (LST-TIN) series has a wide variety of properties and is ideal for very demanding industry and commercial applications. With good thermal impedance, thermal conductivity and thermal resistance, this conformable series of materials has the capability of meeting the thermal and electrical requirements of many rugged applications.

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** Click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

** Please


and click on Part Number to view and download datasheet.

Part NumberAdditional InformationThermal Conductivity (W/m-K) Hardness (Shore 00)Thickness (mm)
LST-TIN-531 3 thickness available3.50.254, 0.37, 0.508
LST-TIN-521 1.6890.23
LST TIN 522 1.5860.19
LST-TIN-523 1.0890.15
LST-TIN-524 1.0890.15
LST-TIN-525 Thicker with reinforcement carrier1.00.15 / 0.25
Note: The data and information provided are used for representative purposes only