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Revolutionary Graphite Thermal Technology

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Revolutionary Graphite Thermal Technology

July 22, 2021

One of the highlights of our product range, and our area of greatest expertise, is Graphite Thermal Materials.

And this is where LISAT is different from the rest. As one of the early adopters of Graphite in Thermal Management technology, we have brought to the market and convinced a majority of our customers on the advantages of using Graphite. The main advantage of Graphite is in X-Y axis thermal conductivity, which ranging from 700 – 1,750 W/mk, revolutionizes the possibilities of heat transfer and thermal management within electronics of any size.

What this ultra high X-Y axis thermal conductivity does is to immediately spread out the heat from the smaller area of the IC for example, to the larger heat dispersing area of the heat sink. In the standard thermal pads and thermal tapes, the thermal conductivity is uniform across all directions. The result of this is a bottleneck as the extremely hot, small area of the IC has a slow rate of heat transferred through the thermal pad at only 1 speed in all directions.

For Graphite thermal materials on the other hand, the heat is immediately spread out from the small hot spot of the IC to the larger surface area of the Graphite thermal interface material, thereby strongly cooling the IC immediately. In addition to this, with a z-axis thermal conductivity of 10 – 26 W/mk, this heat is transferred “up” to the heat sink rapidly as well, in a large swathes of heat.

This article is merely an introduction to our Graphite Thermal technology. Do contact us for more information on our several Graphite Thermal material product lines, we will be happy to assist.